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Hearts4Kauai is brought to you by: 

Stephen and Cheryl Ann Farrell of Koloa, Hawaii. 

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Cheryl Ann served as the Regional Director of the American Heart Association here on Kauai. During that assignment, it became clear of the need to provide additional training and certification for CPR, First Aid, and AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) training in a convenient, timely manner. With a strong background in administration, marketing and business, she and Steve completed all necessary instructor certifications to begin teaching these critical life saving skills. The friends and contacts she made during her role as Regional Director of the AHA have served her well in the formation of Hearts4Kauai, and this new online option.

Steve, a local business owner and avid surfer here on Kauai, became increasingly concerned about ocean water safety after attempting to rescue individuals on different occasions. Those individuals unfortunately died from drowning and Steve recognized that CPR techniques applied early (in the water) might have been able to save lives. He wants all surfers and water enthusiasts to know what to do in an emergency situation - to save lives. "Since the first few minutes for drowning or heart attack victims in the water are critical"...he states... "We surfers, divers, paddlers and even fishermen become the first responders in emergency situations and we need to know what to do."

Kauai's wondrous outdoor lifestyle has given Steve and Cheryl Ann the motivation to build this organization and improve not only the quality of life here, but also to increase the number of Kauai residents who understand how to save lives. We want everyone to understand how effective CPR can be and yet quick and easy to learn. CPR training is for anyone- adults, new moms, children, grandparents and especially YOU!"